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ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard Release

It is terrific news that the ISO Standards were released on 10 January, 2014.

For those, such as myself, who have been part of the development team, it has been a long, though fascinating and rewarding, three years. It has been a privilege to work with some of the world’s leaders in Asset Management (AM) in order to create a common vision of what constitutes AM.

I have no doubt there will be a lot of people running around selling themselves as experts in the Standard – they might be good at AM, but I can just about guarantee that everyone involved in writing it had a ‘gee-whizz’ moment that resulted in them modifying their thinking and understanding – so feel free to ask those promoting themselves as ISO55001 experts what has changed in their approach to AM post ISO55000. Doing a search and replace of ‘Reliability Engineering’ (or even ‘PAS55’) with ISO 55001 is not the answer.