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Assess Others in an Asset Management Environment

World’s first recognized CAMA training course

CAMA (Certified Asset Management Assessor) training course.

The Institute of Quality Asset Management ( is pleased to announce that its training course Assess Others in an Asset Management Environment has just been recognized by the WPiAM as addressing all the required competencies for CAMA certification.

This is the first training course in the world to achieve this recognition and further builds on the course’s credibility through its Australian Government accreditation as a unit of competency. (see )

The official statement from WPiAM states:

The World Partners in Asset Management recognizes “Assess Others in an Asset Managed Environment” owned by the Institute of Quality Asset Management Pty Ltd as providing course content that addresses the competencies specified in ISBN978 0 9871799 5 1 GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor Assessor Specification

About the WPiAM

The WpiAM (World Partners in Asset Management) is a joint venture of national non-profit professional associations, including ABRAMAN (Brazil), AM Council (Australia), IFRAMI (France), PEMAC (Canada) and SMRP (USA) and was established to develop, assess and recognize competence in Asset Management. The WPiAM is supported in its endeavours by the Japanese Association of Asset Management and the Gulf Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

About CAMA

For individuals, obtaining the CAMA certification establishes their credentials in asset management knowledge and comprehension, globally.

Organisations are able to determine the competence and experience of personnel, whether they are part of an audit team, or helping to implement and assess asset management systems. Certification also meets the requirements for the Joint Australian and New Zealand Asset Management Systems Scheme (AMS Scheme): “Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of Asset Management Systems”, April 2015.

About the CAMA training course

The Assess Others in an Asset Management Environment course is run over three days, with participants undertaking the CAMA exam on the afternoon of the third day. For full details on the course content, go to

Who is IQAM?

IQAM is an Australian Registered Training Organisation expressly set up to support, train and mentor its clients in the practice of Asset Management. It provides a vertically integrated suite of competency based training programs and workshops in Asset Management from basic awareness to a Graduate Diploma in Asset Management.

All IQAM’s facilitators are qualified and practicing asset managers and trainers.

As well as offering training services, IQAM provides ISO55001 and asset management assurance and assessment and supported the first Accredited Certification to ISO 55001 in Australia.

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