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10161NAT Graduate Diploma of Asset Management

The IQ-AM Graduate Diploma of Asset Management (GDAM) is a post-graduate competency based qualification designed to provide senior professionals and managers, who are responsible for Asset Management in their organisation or area of responsibility, with the skills and knowledge to direct and lead the strategic planning and implementation of Asset Management (AM) within the context of an ISO 55000 Asset Management System Standard compatible framework.

Course Objectives

Provide participants with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Analyse an organisation’s strategic planning framework; comprising strategy, objectives and policy, and design the formal framework for implementing the organisation’s asset management framework and system.  Apply strategic planning tools and methodologies to develop a corporate asset management strategy, objectives and policy framework.
  • Design the corporate approach, methodologies, processes and practices to support asset management implementation, develop maintenance and capital plans and quality management.
  • Assess, plan and implement improvements to organisational capabilities (asset management enablers and controls).

The course consists of 6 Units of Competency.

AMSSMS801  Develop Contextualised Asset Management for the Organisation
AMSSMS802  Implement Contextualised Asset Management in the Organisation
AMSSMS803  Continuously Improve Organisational Assets and their Management
AMSSMS804  Lead the Strategic Planning Process for Asset Management
AMSSMS805  Develop Asset Management Policy
AMSSMS806  Establish Organisations Asset Management Capability

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