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AMSBMS001 Contribute to Effective Asset Management

This two day Certificate IV accredited Unit of Competency is designed to familiarise participants with Asset Management and how planning and implementing effective and efficient work activities in an ISO 55001 compliant Asset Managed environment impacts on their organisation’s ability to meet its organisational objectives and fulfil its stakeholder requirements and expectations.

Course Objectives

Provide participants with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Apply the principles of sound Asset Management and ISO 55000 in delivering against a program of work in alignment with the asset management policy of the organisation.
  • Contribute to assets adding value to the organisation by prioritising and carrying out work activities within the context of assets meeting their required performance targets and levels of service.
  • Ensure provision of data and knowledge to the required standard and specifications for reliable decision making.
  • Understand and analyse the risks and opportunities of their work activities in supporting the asset performance required to meet organisational objectives.
  • Analyse service provision failures and continuous improvement opportunities and the need of support services and team leaders to conform to the Asset Management system requirements.

Provide input to customer/stakeholder management, operations and maintenance strategies, renewal and replacement programming and prioritisation.

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