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Asset Management Familiarisation Workshops

These workshops are designed to not only fulfill the requirement of ISO 55001 for ensuring that “persons doing work under the organization’s control, who can have an impact on the achievement of the asset management objectives, shall be aware of…”[1] key aspects of the organisation’s Asset Management (AM) but help them work through the change management imperatives driven by introduction of a new Asset Management System.

Designed by Institute of Quality Asset Management (IQ-AM) team of Asset Management and Learning and Development subject matter experts, the workshops utilise adult learning principles to achieve both compliance with the ISO55001 requirement, and to elicit behavioural change as a result of participants’ enhanced awareness of both the Standard and changes to the organisation’s Asset Management approach.

All workshops are aligned to IQ-AM’s Lead Others in an Asset Managed Environment Diploma Unit of Competency and competency based qualifications Graduate Certificate in Asset Management and Graduate Diploma of Asset Management

[1] p6, ISO55001:2014, Asset management — Management systems — Requirements, International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, 2014

Overarching Objectives

  • Enable demonstrated compliance with ISO55001 cl7.3
  • Initiate the change management required for ISO55001 tailored to internal Asset Management Framework and (where required) Government or regulatory guidelines
  • Initiate the continuous improvement focus embedded in ISO55001
  • Lay the groundwork for implementation of vertical and horizontal alignment (‘coordinated activity’) as a basic principal of doing business.

Delivery Program

The delivery program has been designed to fit within the shortest timeframe IQ-AM believes is needed to adequately convey the knowledge required, facilitate debate and discussion to enable comprehension and alignment of understanding, and to identify and address opportunities for improvement

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